You can leave the hand sanitizer at home on Saturday, Dec. 4: LEGO is unveiling a new Imagination Center at Mall of America. Yes, that means brand new bins of LEGOs for kids to build. The store, still on the first floor, south side, will feature seven brand new LEGO models including the world’s largest LEGO model, a 34 foot tall robot and the largest pick-a-brick wall with 180 bins. Tune in to Shop Girls at 12:30 p.m. CST Saturday to hear a LEGO brand manager talk about the making of this new store. And one more fun fact for you (I feel like such a LEGOs nerd, but who doesn’t like LEGOS?): the word LEGO is a contraction of two Danish words, leg and godt, which means Play Well.

Corset Boutique in Hopkins, which has established itself as a resource for styling services, extended sizes and wearable looks for real women, is up for sale. Owner Carrie Leum plans to stay in the image business, but she’s ready to step away from the day to day of retailing. Rather than close up shop, the enterprising Leum, principal of her own Leum PR Group, is searching for someone to take over the business.  Meanwhile, a sale is on now: 50 to 75 percent off storewide.