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Shirt dos and don’ts for men

June 21st, 2010
by Allison Kaplan

T-shirt or polo? Polo or t-shirt? While I envy men their simple, clear cut choices (no man is late for work because he swapped a blouse for a sleeveless dress at the last minute and then realized he hadn’t shaved his underarms for, um, a few days), men’s casual clothes for summer can get fairly boring. And still, men do manage to make mistakes. Like the tattoo-type graphic print t-shirt (no need to name names). I think Tom Julian, author of “Nordstrom Guide to Men’s Everyday Dressing,” is being kind when he says no guy over 35 should wear those shirts.” What men should add to their wardrobe this summer: a cotton slub polo (like this one from Diesel, $60 at Nordstrom). It’s got the polish of a collared shirt, but the ease and comfort of your best worn t-shirt. That’s casual cool.
What else should men buy this summer? Listen to my conversation with Tom on Shop Girls on myTalk 107.1 (click the podcast for Hour 1, June 19). And see what he had to say about Spanx for Men. My favorite line, which, unfortunately, I just couldn’t work into the newspaper article: “Men want to avoid the Simon Cowell problem: Man boobs.”

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