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Love for Louis

May 4th, 2010
by Allison Kaplan

A trio of casually dressed women were waiting for the new Louis Vuitton store to open today at the Galleria in Edina. Being nosy by nature and a reporter by trade, I sidled up and asked the ladies, who looked stylish in a Banana Republic sort of way, if they were excited about the big opening. Curious, more like. The trio were sales associates from Coach. Feeling a bit pedestrian, no doubt.

The store is stunning.  A huge point of pride for the Galleria, which had been courting LV for two years. Minnesotans are modest. We shy away from logos. We spend cautiously. But we love us some Louis. It’s classic, it’s quality and it’s easily identifiable as luxurious, which, let’s be honest, makes a $1,200 bag a little bit easier to justify.

Within 30 minutes, the first $1,200 bag had been bought. By the quite guarded “Kate” from the “north suburbs,” who came in carrying a worn white Coach bag. She was with a friend who owns four LV bags. She knew exactly what she wanted. She had been waiting for the store to open.

An alarm beeped as she exited, but Kate was so blissed out, it couldn’t kill her moment.

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