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Brazilian Blowout wrap-up

April 4th, 2010
by Allison Kaplan

The saga of the hair never ends, but my deadline has come and gone. You'll find my Brazilian Blowout review in today's St. Paul Pioneer Press. I was conscious of not wanting to make it sound like a miracle – I get so tired of reading only raves in magazines. But I hope I didn't underplay the results in the process. It did help my hair. It's more manageable, less frizzy and easier to style. Still the price is steep and even after, smooth hair still requires work. The results are limited to your ability to style your own hair. Case in point: me, in the hands of professionals, and a couple weeks later, on my own.



I heard from the Minnesota educator for Brazilian Blowout today. She points out that it takes practice for professional stylists to get the hang of applying the treatment and that can impact the results. She also said the BB is a cumulative treatment, so regular application might mean you eventually need it just twice a year. Click here to find salons in your area that offer the Brazilian Blowout. Competing protein or Keratin treatments, usually $300 and up, are widely available. And every salon will tell you why theirs is best. A couple more tips:
- Get your hair colored before the treatment. You are supposed to avoid color for two weeks after the Brazilian Blowout, and if you're due, it will be even more obvious when your hair is smoother and shinier.
- Use a sulfate-free shampoo. (Good advice, with or without a blowout.)
- Consider the Brazilian Blowout styling products. I'm really liking the Daily Smoothing Serum.
- If you dare to take your hair to the beach or a pool, a stylist told me to rub a smoothing cream through my hair on the spot to make it more manageable then, and later.

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One Response to “Brazilian Blowout wrap-up”

  1. Esther says:

    I had the Brazilian Blowout just about a month ago … I do have a supply of Brazilian Blowout Acai Shampoo/Conditioner/Masque .. which work really well .. (I used the masque before I color my hair) I also use L’Oreal Everpure and I honestly don’t notice any difference … I do notice a difference in my hair since day one .. It is still wonderful .. I love it but I see a little wave here and there .. initially it was stick straight .. I am going to have my hair colored this week .. I am hoping it won’t change my hair … I would love to think I could get 10 to 12 weeks each time I do it .. I had it done in a very high end salon and did not have any problem with fumes/rash or anything at all .. I wondered for those who have had it done more than once … Does it come out as well each time .. ? Are you as pleased as you were the first time you had it done … ? When reading the blogs some are complaining it never comes out as well as it did the first time they had it done .. Yet the BB site says it gets better and better and it lasts longer and longer …
    Would love to hear your comments …

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