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Target Field fashion shoot

March 24th, 2010
by Allison Kaplan

IMG_0649 I've orchestrated fashion shoots at restaurants and parks, museums and zoos, but today's spring fashion shoot for the St. Paul Pioneer Press at the new Target Field has to be the coolest. Not necessarily the easiest, logistically, as we moved models and lights and cameras and the ensuing entourage from the IMG_0650
outfield to the dugouts and back again, but standing on the edge of that perfectly manicured grass, looking out at the stands and the skyline was awesome. Some favorite moments of the day: Being told to set up in the concession staging area, a closet without table or chairs, and ushering the entire crew – photographer, videographer, three hair and makeup people, stylist, assistant, two models, one model's dad, racks of clothing and a steamer – inside, only to find a team of concession workers in training who seemed quite confused by our unlikely presence; Wiping down a seat in the upper decks so a model could pose on it in a DVF dress; models barefoot in the dirt in front of the dugouts (shouldda been there, Mauer), eating cracker jacks by the first baseline, the president of the twins telling photographer Chris Polydoroff our models could sit on top of the dugout, but had better not stand on it; fireworks going off before one shot and dramatic orchestral music coming on during another. Salon owner Jon Charles kept gushing "Amazing, amazing," as we took in views from various sections and primped models in the sun drenched upper decks . "Do you like baseball?" I asked him. He responded, without hesitation, "Not a bit!" Today might have changed that for a few fashionistas. Now if only we could get the Twins to model…IMG_0658

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