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October 22, 2009


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Bluebird owners and employees: Allison is being generous when she asks for a tinch more customer service. How you have been able to successfully run a store where the owners and employees do not acknowledge a customer's presence, snap at people when they touch the merchandise and are put out when you ask a question about the product is based on some rogue business model that lies in the darkness of business management texts buried somewhere. I admit I am intrigued by the lines you carry, but not enough to go beyond the tshirts I purchased over a year ago. I was done with your store when I overheard one of the owners cooing about her recent trip to NYC and attending a dinner party where Tommy Hilfilger sat at her table. She was thrilled at the fashion advice he provided, clearly she neglected to ask about how she can run her store with class that matches the style.


I absolutely love shopping at Bluebird. Allison's sweetness combined with Sascha's savvy attitude makes for a perfect level of customer service. If I want help after they have greeted me, all I have to do is ASK. Yea for Bluebird and congratulations!!!

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