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Ali Shops Blog

NOW car dealers want to talk to me

August 13th, 2009
by Allison Kaplan

Guess it takes a front page column in the St. Paul Pioneer Press to get a car salesman's attention these days if you don't have a clunker to trade. I've been contacted by several from here to North Dakota this morning, wanting to sell me everything from a Volkswagen to a Chrysler (curious that no one is talking prices). But more interesting are the calls and emails I'm receiving from other prospective buyers. One caller told me she's holding off until December after being ignored or discouraged at several dealerships. Justin, who is trying to replace a 2001Chevy Malibu, shared with me his favorite outrage: the Nissan dealer that tried to charge him $3,500 more than the one down the street. He's hanging on to the Malibu for now – which is just what a Consumer Reports expert suggested. Wait – until the clunkers craziness settles.Jackie couldn't wait. When a Toyota dealer told her to come back another time, she went to Honda and finally found a salesman at Buerkle willing to stay late to help her. She's driving a new Civic – with a sign in the rear window that says "This is not a clunkers deal!"

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One Response to “NOW car dealers want to talk to me”

  1. Ares Vista says:

    More shady practices from the auto industry. What is it that makes every facet of the automobile business, from production to sales to management, so shady?!? Please people, stay alert, and be assertive. Don’t let the monsters play on your greed, or need.

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