Organic Divas founder Ann Garrity appeared on Shop Girls today, encouraging us to seriously consider the content of our cosmetics. You can start with the "Diva Challenge" on - but be prepared to purge most of what you've got. To help rebuild, Organic Divas is offering my listeners an exclusive 20 percent discount on orders placed today and tomorrow. Promo code: shopgirls.

Anyone who tries to pay a visit to a Macy's personal shopper at Southdale today is in for a bit of a surprise: Clinton Kelly of "What Not to Wear" and his team (it does take a team) has taken over the fitting rooms to make over 15 local women. There are assistants and racks of clothes that were pulled in advance, but you can't always send someone else to find the perfect A-line, so Clinton frequently combs the floor himself looking for just the right garment. Once he approves the outfit, it's on to accessories and hair and makeup. Some of the new 'dos are quite dramatic, I'm told. See for yourself at 2 p.m. Saturday when the candidates walk the runway at Macy's Southdale. Get the inside scoop on Shop Girls at 11:30 a.m. Saturday.

Blackberrys ready? Here's today's scoop: Imaginative fashion designer Anna Sui (the First Lady is a fan) is working on a collection for Target, drawing inspiration from the four main female characters on Gossip Girl. Funny, it was just last week that one of the show's evil schemers asked another, "Are you a Carrie?" Ancient history. Sooo much more modern to debate Serena vs. Blair tendencies. The collection will hit Target stores Sept. 13. XOXO!

Potential miracle

Nofrizz I've been cycling through hair products faster lately than Pam Anderson switches husbands. But this morning, I believe I may finally have found my mate: No Frizz by Living Proof ($14 or $24 at Sephora). It's been getting a lot of buzz lately, and well-deserved. My hair seems tamer and better behaved already. Too bad it's a perfectly sunny day. Rain, humidity – bring it on!

Kinkycurly Dealing with my new dye job and my quest for waves is getting complicated. Today in the shower, it was a showdown between conditioners: Kinky-Curly Knot Today, suggested by StormSister Spatique and Clairol Perfect 10 ColorSeal Intensive Conditioning Creme, which I was instructed to use once a week for the next six weeks by the Clairol team that did my hair last week. I thought about using both – my hair could handle it, but it just seemed like too much work, so Clairol won out. Color scares me.
I compensated by applying Kinky-Curly Styling Custard and used it to try to twist the ends of my hair for nonchalant (ha!) waves like I've seen in magazines. I dried my hair using a sock diffuser (took three Trade Secrets to locate this $6 gizmo). End result: not exactly Gisele, but less fluff, so we're making progress. Still, my hair looked frizzy so I dabbed on Aveda's Light Elements Smoothing Fluid, which might have helped – but not enough to stop me from buying No Frizz Styling Cream at Sephora, which I will try next time I wash my hair. Thank goodness that only happens twice a week.

Atmosphere makes a huge impression on shoppers. I was reminded of that again today at Children's Place at  Ridgedale Center. Truth be told, I'm not a big CP shopper. But hats that stay on a fussy 1-year-old's head are not easy to find and so I was venturing beyond my usual spots. The Children's Place at Ridgedale was completely redone late last year and is soooo much more inviting. It's bright, colorful, modern and open, yet compartmentalized (along the lines of the new Gap floor plan) into manageable vignettes. Amazing how much better the clothes looked displayed in this environment!
Locally, The Children's  Place at Arbor Lakes has received the same makeover. We can only hope the others get upgraded soon – I might have to make this one of my regular stops.
(P.S.: Struck out on the hat at CP – they didn't have any that clasped beneath the chin. But the ones they did have were cool – not too cutesy – and just $6. I found the winner at Gymboree on sale for $9.99.)