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Hair product showdown

May 1st, 2009
by Allison Kaplan

Kinkycurly Dealing with my new dye job and my quest for waves is getting complicated. Today in the shower, it was a showdown between conditioners: Kinky-Curly Knot Today, suggested by StormSister Spatique and Clairol Perfect 10 ColorSeal Intensive Conditioning Creme, which I was instructed to use once a week for the next six weeks by the Clairol team that did my hair last week. I thought about using both – my hair could handle it, but it just seemed like too much work, so Clairol won out. Color scares me.
I compensated by applying Kinky-Curly Styling Custard and used it to try to twist the ends of my hair for nonchalant (ha!) waves like I've seen in magazines. I dried my hair using a sock diffuser (took three Trade Secrets to locate this $6 gizmo). End result: not exactly Gisele, but less fluff, so we're making progress. Still, my hair looked frizzy so I dabbed on Aveda's Light Elements Smoothing Fluid, which might have helped – but not enough to stop me from buying No Frizz Styling Cream at Sephora, which I will try next time I wash my hair. Thank goodness that only happens twice a week.

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One Response to “Hair product showdown”

  1. Becky Sturm says:

    Now, give the Kinky-Curly Knot Today a try WITH the Curling Custard. Also, if you are shampooing twice a week, when it is the second shampoo day, give it a good rinse and a “conditioner” shampoo. Yup, shampoo with your conditioner. Rinse, rinse, rinse and style hair with 1/2 the amounts of styling products used on a clean hair day. See how long you can go until your next shampoo. Rinse whenever you have the urge.
    I won’t even tell you how long it has been since I have shampooed. You’d freak!!!
    I have a theory that with the new “push” to get all of the bad stuff out of shampoos and conditioners, our hair just doesn’t get the buildup like we have always known. Thus, most dust and oils simply rinse out.
    Use your Hot Sock to style – I have them too, they’re the best diffuser ever and travel so well.
    Please, report back with your findings.

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