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April 13, 2009


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Mark D.

Ali- I just read your 4/13/09 blog, "Envisioning better fashion shows." It's a novel idea, but I think it's a bit misguided. Fashion shows are notoriously expensive to stage and need to earn their keep for the companies throwing them. Before you can have Bryant Park-level traveling fashion shows, you have to have stores that will actually stock those fashions. Right now, almost every major mall in our town has shuttered store fronts. The one behemoth national store chain (that shall remain nameless) that still persists, puts its own inferior house brands on the shelves, despite declining sales. Right now, in the entire TC's, you can count the number of places to buy men's Armani pants (not the AX line, the real McCoy) on one hand and still throw away some fingers! From what I hear from friends in other cities, this contraction of access to these types of goods is not just happening here. I enjoy these events too, but the first move has to be from the local stores to stop underestimating our tastes, because they have us pigeon-holed as "suburban" or "Midwesterner wanna-bees." I like the people watching at these type of events too, but Bryant Park tents and their ilk are for people to actually buy things. Not to do something, just because New Yorkers do it. So, no more comments about "Dubuque: Michael Kors," It makes us sound like we're the recipients of a USO tour.

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