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March 12, 2009

Why don't we shop downtown?

From the moment StyledLife opened at the Galleria in Edina, the days seemed numbered for the boutique's original location at Gaviidae Center. Indeed, AliShops.com broke the news today that StyledLife will close its downtown Minneapolis store at the end of the month (see Sales/Specials for closing sale details). SL owner Kevin Quinn has been a big proponent of downtown shopping and I know he really wanted to hang on, but it just wasn't financially feasible - and I don't think the current state of the economy is the only factor. I know I've visited SL at the Galleria more times in the few months since its opening than I did at Gaviidae in the last year. I feel bad about that - I want to live in a city with a thriving downtown district, but the reality is, the 'burbs are easy and Galleria is really inviting. I also feel bad for Gaviidae because they've really been trying to champion the small boutique and do their best to create an interesting, unique shopping mix. They've also done what they can to make downtown shopping more appealing, by waiving parking fees and hosting events. Of course there are still plenty of reasons to go to Gaviidae - FinnStyle, Drama, Off Fifth, to name a few. But StyledLife was clearly a point of pride for the center, and the kind of stand-out, luxury boutique that should be able to thrive in downtown Minneapolis. It's a shame, all around.


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I don't shop downtown because I'm a cheapskate who hates to pay for parking!

Horrible location. He didn't have any traffic being on the first floor. And at his price points it's a wonder he was there that long. Ya live and die on the skyway; unfortunate but true. But I'm still hoping Drama can make it.

If you shop nights or weekends at Gaviidae or many other places downtown, heated valet parking is FREE if you buy $20 or more! This is true for many stores under the "Do the Town" program.

Why sludge through endless rows of cars in the cold at your suburban mall when you can pull up to a heated parking ramp, have a valet take your car, shop at your leisure, spend $20, and receive free parking?

i was walking out of the dain tower last night at 8:30 and there were at least 5 people working in the store putting out merchandise.
one person waved hello and told me to come early on saturday.... there are lots of goodies to be had. i think that is advise i will take... considering that the discount is 80%

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