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Ali Shops Blog

Red carpet observations

February 22nd, 2009
by Allison Kaplan

Wshew. Just gave tomorrow's Oscars fashion page a final read for the St. Paul Pioneer Press (it's got to start printing if it is to arrive on your doorstep – in color! – by dawn). First impressions are always most telling, but with a bit of time to look beyond the shimmer, it's worth noting that while most shoulders were bare, there was very little in the way of cleavage on the red carpet – in all, a very elegant, lady-like showing. Of course, as I have now had a couple of hours to mull some of the dresses, I can plainly say that my dislike for Miley Cyrus' dress has grown to horror. I want to pull that stupid knit cap of Philip Seymore Hoffman's head. I am still marveling at Meryl Streep, proud of Kate Winslet, charmed by Taraji Henson, bored with Sarah Jessica and I think I'd understand if my husband left me for Natalie Portman. Just forward my mail to Hugh Jackman's place.

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