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January 20, 2009

I want to be like Michelle Obama

Inaugball Michelle Obama nailed it. The dress, a white chiffon one-shoulder Jason Wu design with a ruched bodice and sparkling train, was absolutely exquisite. Love that she wore her hair down. Love that she looked so comfortable and confident dancing close with her husband in front of Beyonce and the rest of the world. Love that she pulled it off seemingly minutes after sitting out in the cold at that never-ending parade. Rock on, First Lady. This is going to be fun.


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Really, you liked her dress? I'd love to know more as to why. I was watching with a group of friends last night and all 10 of us hated it. We thought it looked like a bad prom dress with globs of tissue paper stuck to it. The off the shoulder made her shoulders look slumped and those earrings really dragged her down. Were we the only ones? We thought Jill Biden looked so much better. Did you like what Michelle Obama wore for the swearing in? We hated that as well. Made her look too old...and its cold in DC, where were her funky boots? I'd love to see some of her rejected outfits?

I thought she looked amazing! She was true to herself-no updo or stiff beaded -matronly looking dress! It was soft, feminine and youthful as she is and her arms looked great.
The only mistake she made is not trying to dance in it before she chose it. Did you see how many times she stepped on it and had to keep pulling it out from beneath her shoes?
I'm sure by the last ball she had had it and I would also guess neither of them ever wants to hear the song "At Last" again!!!

I think Michelle looked wonderful and all you haters stop!!!you all need prayers put yourself in her shoes she had a 2 Designers working on what kind of a dress she would wear so please keep your hating comments to yourself. Atleast she's the First African American first lady.

I really need the First Lady to either "fire her current stylist" or "please hire one"! She has had so many fashion missteps in my opinion! The inaugural ensemble was too loud! Lurex and beading is not appropriate for a 10am function! It would have been more appropriate for an evening function. The ball gown was a complete disaster! Somebody designed that mess! It looked like an accident or a cheap wedding dress! She looks amazing in colors and should have worn a gown in a beautiful color with "Old Hollywood" style glamour! She is tall and beautiful and could have carried off an amazing dress! Her race has nothing to do with good fashion choices!

Lute-- I don't think we need to debate this as we all have our own opinions. Normally, I think Michelle Obama looks classy, slylish, with a touch of creativity. I just didn't happen to like what she wore yesterday. I wasn't hatin'!!

I think Mrs. O (It's really time for a new "O") looked great during the day, although I agree with Ali that the dress might have been a little uncomfortable. Plus, I'd recommend the matching coat, but with buttons so you can close it up; she was tugging at it while walking. Michelle looked WAY better than Jill Biden, who was channeling (inappropriately I'll add) Nancy Sinatra. I remember old school etiquette saying you shouldn't see skin between your boots and skirt. Her daytime outfit wasn't appropriate; no sophistication. She's a beautiful woman who was trying to look too young. RE: The Michelle gown at night: Gorgeous. I want her arms.

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