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Ali Shops Blog

Downtown shopping part 2

September 28th, 2008
by Allison Kaplan

Started talking about downtown Minneapolis shopping on the radio Saturday, but had to cut the conversation short. Ruth emailed because she wanted to add this to the discussion:
"Just heard you talking about what stops people from shopping downtown
and wanted to pass along my experience this week. My mom and 98 yr old
grandma LOVE to shop so we go out every Thursday somewhere. Last week
it was raining so my mom wanted to hit a mall but I suggested downtown
Mpls. We parked in a ramp and never went outside. Did all the big
stores and they both loved it. My mom said "I forget how nice it is
down here," As Minnesotans we get into a routine and its hard to get
out of our comfort zone. Malls are easy. Downtown is not as easy until
you learn your way around a little."
So is it skyways, or just some sort of general intimidation – rather than parking – that is the problem? Love to hear your thoughts.

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