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Ali Shops Blog

Oh, to be this coordinated

July 29th, 2008
by Allison Kaplan

I should be organizing my closet. Instead, I sit here at my desk in my new home, while the contents of my wardrobe remain strewn across my bed, dresser and – it’s true – in garbage bags on the floor. Good thing Sara Rogers isn’t coming over. Just last week, the Mall of America fashion expert and image consultant was on "Shop Girls" talking about how she arranges her closet by outfit. Rather than pants on one rack and tops on another, she groups five shirts with the bottoms that match. I am in awe. And I’ll think about that as I cram my pants on one rack and tops on another.

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One Response to “Oh, to be this coordinated”

  1. Kara says:

    I was listening to Shop Girls when Sara made this comment. Like you, Alison, I cannot get her strategy out of my head. I think about it nearly every morning in the mad dash to get dressed for work with a 5 yo and infant. I have tried to visualize how, literally, her system of grouping would look in the closet, but can’t figure it out. Would love to be that organized, though. Perhaps I’ll have to call Sara….

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