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Can’t swindle me, Office Max

June 19th, 2007
by Allison Kaplan

I needed sheets of crack and peel sticky paper to create some odd-sized labels. Wish I had known what a production that would be before creating the odd-sized labels. Kinkos couldn’t help me. I found the 8 by 11 sheets at Office Max, 10 for $17. Not quite satisfied, I started asking around and got a referral to Minneapolis-based wholesale paper distributor Xpedx. Turns out, individuals can shop there. In fact, the facility at 1401 W. River Road in Minneapolis is extremely inviting — clean, helpful staff and set up like a store with tons of paper products that just make you feel like getting organized. And here’s the best part: Xpedx sells that same sticky paper, 100 sheets for $13! So, let’s recap: 100 sheets for $13 at Xpedx or 10 sheets for $17 at Office Max. Can you believe the nerve? I’ll never be able to buy paper products at retail again.

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2 Responses to “Can’t swindle me, Office Max”

  1. lisa sp says:

    Seriously?! I use that full sheet label paper all the time and since I have limited computer skills, it makes me so sad when I mess up a project because that paper is soooo expensive. You are awesome!

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