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January 08, 2007

Can't give up Macy's entirely...

This is why I always end up returning to that store, the one they now call Macy's:

Yesterday at Nordstrom, I dismissed a pair of DKNY tights...$18 just seemed a little pricey, especially at this point in the season. Tonight, at Macy's (which was delightfully dead -- Monday night might be my favorite new time to shop. Still made it home in plenty of time for "What About Brian?") I picked up the exact same pair, on sale for $12.60.

And I only had to walk three departments over to pay.


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No more Dayton's...uh, Marshall Field's...uh, Macy's. Over 8 years ago I had a mild conflict with a sales person and the billing department of Macy's over their pricing/billing practices. At the time I told them that I would not return. Having been a holder of a much-used Macy's credit card, but husband was glad to hear this. I continued to shop only at Nordstrom and, at that time, Dayton's. Now that Macy's is in the picture I shop only at Nordstrom. I know that the prices are higher on some things and that they don't go on sale as often, but I find it refreshing to shop in a store that treats customers with respect. I know the departments and brands that I like and have been able to really focus my shopping time. I have also actually found that it saves me money to shop only Nordstrom. I don't get sucked into buying things when there are 15% off coupons etc. in the paper or in the mail.

Nordstrom as a money-saver...who knew?

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