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November 08, 2006


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I LOVE this concept and am looking forward to using this site to help me explore the unique shopping opportunities in the Twin Cities. Plus, the site is easy to use and really cute. Thanks for putting this together, Ali!




This is a sad thing for downtown but great for the Galleria. I live in Edina and I always hated going downtown to see my favorite team at STYLEDLIFE. Congrates to STYLEDLIFE


I work in the Dain Plaza and I have seen a shift ever since September of 2008 with downtown and the shopping downtown. I love the downtown shopping experience and I am sad that it has changed. Seeing STYLEDLIFE leave makes me realize the future is not bright for downtown retail.

Ron Kolb

It's snowing on icy roads. Freeways are closed. It's 9:45 AM. I've not yet turned on the store spot lights or taken the good stuff out of the vault. I have pinned on my Winter Carnival Button and am considering the true meaning of "the coolest celebration on earth," when in walks Allison Kaplan unannounced and unexpected. I guess I couldn't hide my new St. Paul store, St. Clair & Snelling Jewelers, forever.

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